Just Make The Offer Already!!!

Once you get past the applications, the next most important step is to not believe their lies. When a tenant has stopped paying rent, you have to understand that this person is no longer a tenant. He/she is a liar and a thief. If you believe the BS, you will delay the inevitable and only cost yourself more lost time, money and unnecessary heartache. Here is a perfect example of what I am dealing with now:

 Tenant didn’t pay rent on the first of this month. I had a 3 day posted on a Tuesday. The tenant didn’t contact me at all and wasn’t home when the notice was posted. I contacted my attorney to start the eviction proceedings when the 3 day expired. The tenant left me a voice mail late Thursday night (probably knowing I wouldn’t answer) stating rent would be paid first thing Friday. I check the account and no rent. I called the tenant who did answer and said he would pay during his lunch break. Luckily, I repeated his statement to him, “You are going to pay the rent before 1pm. Is that what you are telling me?” He said ‘no,’ he takes lunch from 3-4PM and would pay then. All tenants who don’t pay are liars so I did nothing to stop the eviction. Of course, 4PM comes and goes and no rent – just as I expected. He then leaves me multiple voice mails on Monday morning stating he is in the bank parking lot, waiting for me to call him back to give him the account number. (The account number is on the 3 day.) I sent him a text replay stating, “If you really want to pay the rent, contact my attorney.” and gave him the number. He never contacted the attorney… as I expected he wouldn’t.

Moral of the story; if you are unlucky enough to let one of these losers into your property and he/she/they stop paying rent, you have to realize the tenant(s) is/are stealing from you and lying to you. Do what you have to do regarding filing the paperwork to protect yourself. If they pay, great. If not, you haven’t lost any time.​

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