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My Wholesaling and Flipping Company Earns 7 Figures a Year and My Rental Portfolio Earns More Than $500,000. Want to get there? I’ll Answer Your Most Pressing Questions. Use this Opportunity to Develop a Marketing Piece, Discuss Marketing Strategies, Analyze a Deal, Tighten Up Your List Criteria, etc.

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From monthly conference calls, meetings, 2 & 3 day events, to small group coaching, I have more experience taking struggling investors to six figure and higher incomes than anyone else in southern California.

Aaron Mazzrillo

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Liars & Thieves

Once you get past the applications, the next most important step is to not believe their lies. When a tenant has stopped paying rent, you

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When is When?

There is a popular saying that floats around the real estate investing circle: Do what you have to for 5 years so you can do

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I scheduled a 1 day ride a long with Aaron to find out more about the real estate process and to decide if real estate was something that I wanted to get into to. During the ride along we visited a property that Aaron had just purchased and we went around looking at repairs and estimating costs. He showed me what to look for and how to estimate cost of repairs. During the ride to and from the property I was able to ask questions to learn as much as I could and I could definitely tell that he knew what he was talking about. It was a valuable day and I feel like I got more than my money’s worth.

John E.

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