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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tenant Screening Red Flags!

We get all kinds of wack-o applicants calling us about our properties. Here is a list of the some of the most common situations we come across and when you come across these situations, we hope you will scrutinize those applications a little more!

1. If you hear "Can I plant flowers?" – Don’t fall for it. They are pigs!

2. I like to pay a few months’ rent in advance. – If you accept this person, you’ll be getting to know your eviction lawyer’s new fee schedule real soon.

3. They keep saying how much they love the place. – You won’t ever see an application from these people.

4. They are willing to move in before it has been cleaned. – That is because they are pigs and prefer to live in filth.

5. Can you work with us on the security deposit? – This is a job you don’t want.

6. Unmarried couples who want to live together. – Treat them like roommates.  Qualify each individually because they may break up and the one with the income will move out.

7. They tell you all their problems. – Escape! Escape! Escape!

8. They nit-pick everything when viewing the place. – Tell them it is obviously not suited for them and ask them to leave.

9. The applicant leaves something blank on the application. – They don’t mind lying to you about it. They just don’t want their lies to be in writing. Abort!

10. They are self-employed and have no previous tax records. – These people have no problem stealing and will gladly add you to the list of people they steal from.

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