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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cash for Keys?

Just finished one of 2 evictions I have going. Thanks to California's extremely liberal view of tenant's rights, it only took me a few months and about $800 in legal fees to get the tenant out of my property.

I had the Sheriff show up yesterday and the tenant was already moved out so I did not need his services. On a side note, if you know the tenant is gone and you let yourself in instead of waiting for the Sheriff to get you in, they will refund most of your money. I bet you didn't know that did you?

I got inside and the house was what I expected. The carpets are ruined, the walls need to be painted, and the house is generally filthy. No major damage at least. Of course, the tenant will not be getting a dime of his security deposit back. However, I think next time around, I am going to just pay them to move out. If I could have gotten him to take $1000 to move out and leave the place clean, I would have saved about $4,000 in lost rent and rehab. I will post a video at my YouTube Channel this weekend.

I have used this method very successfully in the past, but I stopped doing it for some reason. Have any of you tried this before?

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  1. Yes, and you are right it is the best way to save yourself time, money and a bunch of headaches.

    - Arthur