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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Peter, Utah, & Extreme Exhaustion

I got up at 3:30AM on Monday and drove to Ogden, UT in time to have dinner with Peter Fortunato. It was an extremely long drive with only a 2 hour stop in Vegas for steak & eggs breakfast at 8AM and a little black jack. I arrived in Ogden in time for the dinner which turned out to be kind of a bust. There were many other investors there and I didn't get any face time with Peter. Actually, I was too tired to even really try.

The next day (today) I attended his Transactioneering class. It was such a great experience. Peter is one of my favorite instructors. Nothing but solid useful information and he truly likes to help people. Afterwards, we went to a dinner, but I decided to take a side trip up into the mountains to see some trees, water, animals and just relax. I did see a rather large owl sleeping up in a telephone pole. I found a great BBQ joint two entrepreneurs from Texas opened up in Huntsville. It is right around the corner from the Shooting Star Saloon which I am told is the oldest bar in Utah. Just don't go on a Tuesday because it is closed!

Tomorrow is the local investors lunch. Thursday is a hang out day and Friday I am driving to Reno, NV hopefully to meet up with Jack Miller before the start of his 3 day options class. Tuesday is another day on the road as I head back to SoCal and home.

I did receive an email today that my next door neighbors have rented their place out to "friends from church". They claim these friends happen to come by just before they left and that they feel really good about it and have a verbal contract. We had an agreement and as far as I am concerned they reneg'ed on it. I guess that makes them liars in my book. My word is as good as a contract and I expect that this goes for the people I do business with as well. Also, my wholesale seller is still MIA so that is two deals that look like they are circling the drain. So it is being a real estate investor.